How The Buzz Died

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In the first few months of this year some 2000 people working for New York-based digital media companies lost their jobs.

I was one of them. After 20 years in an industry permanently in flux, I’m amazed it took my neck this long to connect with an axe. My five years leading BuzzFeed in Australia were the most fun and fulfilling of my professional life. Building something from scratch was an enormous thrill and I’m proud of everything my team achieved: an audience of millions, four Walkley nominations, eight Publish Awards — and BuzzFeed’s first Cannes Golden Lion.

What have I learned? Scale isn’t everything. Understanding the social web doesn’t guarantee success. And diversifying revenue to be less reliant on platforms is essential for survival.

Because, no shit Sherlock, the platforms are eating everyone else’s lunch.

Published in The Australian, March 17 2019 | Read full article ($)

Simon Crerar